The Most Effective Memory Improvement Tips

How often do you find yourself leaving that file or your purse back home? How difficult is it for you to memorize those chemical formulas or historic dates? The answer would probably be on a very high scale. A lot of us have these memory loss issues which we go through in our daily lives. Weak students always outnumber the brighter ones in a class. Though this memory loss is not a disease but it cannot be taken lightly either. If someone thinks he or she is not able to cope up with the on goings just because they forget things then here are some memory improvement tips which can be practiced easily and surely will help the people in concern.

3 Effective Memory Improvement Tips:

  • Exercise

Memory Improvement Tips - Exercise

Regular physical activity is an essential component for maintaining body and brain health for people of all ages. A recent study involving 120 people found that walking briskly 30-40 minutes a day three times a week helped to “regrow” the structures of the brain linked to cognitive decline in older adults. –


…exercise can improve memory, language, thinking and judgment problems by almost 50 per cent… –

Almost all the doctors and books dealing with the memory loss issues would prescribe their cases to work out. Spending time in your gym not just strengthens your body but it enables your brain to open up and breathe as well. Also, mental activities like going through puzzles, playing chess, Online mystery games or even reading novels and story books can help in warming up your brain immensely.

Turns out that we remember things better when we read them in a more physical form, like say, for instance, a book. It’s because the experience of reading is also tactile. When you’re reading a book, you’re also holding it, feeling the heft of it in your hands. –

  • Relaxation

Memory Improvement Tips - Relaxation

Sleep is essential to our health. It’s is also core to our cognitive functioning. A recent US study found chronic sleep loss may irreversibly damage brain cells. –

As important it is to make your brain proactive and awake, taking complete sleep is also a must. If a body requires a freeze after working the whole day, the brain also needs peace. A 6-8 hour proper sleep pattern depending upon the ages should be followed thoroughly. While students need to take power naps while studying as excessive studying and mugging up the syllabus without breaks can create a mess inside your head getting you confused with all the matter, eventually leaving you with no good.

  • Meditation

Memory Improvement Tips - Meditation

…structural differences between the brains of experienced meditation practitioners and individuals with no history of meditation, observing thickening of the cerebral cortex in areas associated with attention and emotional integration.  –

Taking out 10-15 minutes out of your busy schedules and investing them upon meditation or yoga are some of the very effective memory improvement tips. Meditation slows down respiration, eases pressure and releases tensions. All this while when a person meditates, they have all the control over their minds throughout the activity.

  • Organise Yourself

Memory Improvement Tips - Organise

Write a list of all those niggling tasks and assign yourself one or two to do every lunchtime to clear the backlog. –

Prepare a to-do list, schedule timers, make notes, start marking your calendars and most importantly avoid keeping your surroundings messy. You won’t forget your purses, keys and wallets if they are placed at a proper place where you can easily get your eyes upon. You won’t forget to pay the telephone and electricity bills if your calendar has got an entry circled and you won’t forget those important appointments if your to-do list has a timer alarm set.

  • Food

Memory Improvement Tips - Food

Some foods have been proved to improve your cognitive function, improve memory and overall condition of the brain when consumed on a regular basis. –

To get over those memory loss issues and to beat them dead, one needs to make sure that the intake is proper, timely and healthy. Memory Improvement tips also include what should a person eat and what must be the quantity. Eating too much food can often result in memory loss whereas, eating chocolate, or drinking red wine can improve your mental abilities. Smoking on the contrary can turn out to be one of the greatest threats to your brain functioning.

…antioxidant in chocolate appears to improve some memory skills that people lose with age. –